The user’s settings will determine which of these messages will be visible. It’s rather randomly 0, 2 or 3. By default, seeks by a relative amount of seconds. All modes respect –field-dominance. When changing files, current and playing can be different, because the currently playing file hasn’t been unloaded yet; in this case, current refers to the new selection. If you want to use this command before mpv 0.

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SMPlayer Support Forum

Can be unavailable with some formats. They will be re-enabled as soon as all exclusive sections above them are removed. The special value “off” disables caching. mpayer2

One of audiovideosub. If no, add the vjdeo. The result is a string of the form “HH: Seek command show the current playback time, property changing commands show the newly set value as text.

If there is none such as when accessing a hardware device instead of the system mixerforce stereo. If enabled, it will use the mode selected with deint-mode. These should be documented by FFmpeg or Libav. Using the same semantics as with?

  GF4 TI4200-8X DRIVER

SMPlayer Support Forum • View topic – mplayer2 + smplayer = no video.

Hope this helps anybody! Other valid values include vol, pcm, line. Sometimes it can be different. If you want to use the full filter syntax with this option, you have to quote the filter graph in order to prevent mpv’s syntax and the filter graph syntax from clashing.

If the video is not on the filesystem but e. Playing the same file later will resume at the old ,player2 position if possible.

S Take a screenshot, without subtitles. This page was last edited on 24 Decemberat This also affects video output drivers which lack hardware acceleration, e. If a video processor supports multiple capabilities, it is not clear which algorithm is actually selected. The exact behavior depends on the selected video output, and if no support is available, this will act like video. Always starts mplayeg2 the added file, even if the playlist was not empty before running this command.


By default, no textures are bound.

Embedding the Player Control in a Web Page Displayed by Firefox

Unavailable in some rare cases. Very simple continuous curve.

You can also use tv: Each pair defines where to route each channel. If you want to use this command before mpv 0. Use with care, or use –sub-margin-y instead. It also only works when playing video i. Window height is set so that the window has the video aspect ratio. Default is 0 automute disabled. This can be either an absolute path, or a filename with no path components, in which case the PATH environment variable is used to resolve the executable.

Currently, this is the same as the title index. Scales this amount in addition to speed.