I forgot to mention that I use Wicd 1. Per a decision made by the Ubuntu Kernel Team, bugs will longer be assigned to the ubuntu-kernel-team in Launchpad as part of the bug triage process. The installation went fine but when I rebooted into 2. It works just fine when connected through an ethernet cable. When I try to connect to my These are the latest 2 episodes: I’ve got exactly the same problem:

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Index of /ftp/Networking/RG54SE + US54SE/US54SE Driver/Linux

John Karp johnkarp wrote on The installation went fine but when I rebooted into 2. If the issue still exists, could you attach a new dmesg output after a fresh boot? Please let us know your results. I forgot to mention that I use Wicd 1. To post a comment you must log in. It works us54sr fine when connected through an ethernet cable. In fact, if I connect the PC with the onboard ethernet adapter Intel Ethernet Pro everything seems to work fine I haven’t experienced any lockups during the last hour or so.


The ubuntu-kernel-team is being unassigned from this bug report.

en/users/Devices/USB – Linux Wireless

These are the latest 2 episodes: It doesn’t matter too much because I had a spare Marvell based card that works fine with ndiswrapper, but I would still like to see this issue fixed. I’m using Hardy with the latest patches installed. Please find enclosed the output of ‘lsusb’.

Where can I find the restricted modules for 2.

Has anyone reported problems with zdrw or with an add-on USB 2. Is there a workaround? See full activity log. It was most recently rebased with the upstream 2.

Hi there, I have exactly the same problem as Fabrizio Testa, I use usb Elitegroup wireless us544se and my Hardy freezes, I tried to use Ethernet and not my usb wireless card and everything is just fine Please find attached a new dmesg output btw, I’ve now switched back to kernel 2. I’ve got exactly the same problem: I do not use Rythmbox bot outside of that same symptoms, have disabled Compizsame thing happens with I had to go back to 2.

You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. I’m experiencing hard lockups almost every time I use Rhythmbox in order to listen to any radio station.


I’ve just tried the 2. McLenet clement-trosseille-gmail wrote on Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I had to reinstall Hardy after the last lockup Just to see u5s4se it makes a difference, care to test the Intrepid Ibex 8.

After just few minutes, the screen, mouse, keyboard and sound simple freeze and I’m forced to hard reset the PC.

Linux wireless LAN support; manufacturer

It’s fine if you’d prefer to wait for the lrm Hi Fabrizio, Sorry for the delayed liinux. I can’t say whether this lockups are in any way related to the ones I get with the wireless adapter, the only thing I can say is that they are less frequent and happen randomly. Alessandro Isaia alex69 wrote on Leann Ogasawara leannogasawara wrote on