These difficulties remain unresolved. If the Triggered Color, Acknowledged Color, or Recovered Color is set to any color in the Alarm’s Printing Settings, the start position of each alarm may not be printed properly. There is a information that the data is disappered by newline code. The value i is an index value which points to or refers to a cell e. EP EPB1 en The display may include a computer screen, terminal device, or a hardcopy producing output device such as a printer or plotter.

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Assuming success in the previous step i. The problem encountered with multiple readersand multiple writersis greatest in environments with a large degree of parallelism e.

In the above method, the current writer cell position value k may be not equal to the current reader cell position value i. Michael and Michael L. Connecting a GP to a printer via a Ethernet-linked PC allows you to print regardless of the model of the printer. This can be solved to set up 3mm for upper margin in the printer’s property.

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It can be printed by ethernet with Multiwrlter mode, but there is a IP information with the header 5 lines. Screen hard copies cannot be printed in colors. The reader may be implemented by a thread and the local memory may be thread local memory.

In accordance with further aspects of the present invention there is provided an apparatus such as a data processing system, a method for adapting this system, as well as articles of manufacture such as a computer readable medium having program instructions recorded thereon for practising the method of the invention.


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multieriter If the CAS fails i. Set the Top Margin to 3mm in the Printer setting. USB cables are not supported. Thus, the data processing system includes computer executable programmed instructions for directing the system to implement the embodiments of the present invention.

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However, these solutions do not scale to cover the problems that arise when multiple writers or multiple readers are involved. Accordingly, a solution that addresses, at least in part, the above and other shortcomings is desired. The method of claim 2 wherein the trial next writer cell position value is equal to the old writer variable value plus one all modulo a number of cells in the ring buffer.

Alternatively, the programmed instructions may be embedded in a computer-readable signal or signal-bearing medium that is multiiwriter to a network by a vendor or supplier of the programmed instructions, and this signal or signal-bearing medium may be downloaded through an interface e.

A need therefore exists for an improved multi-reader, multi-writer lock-free ring buffer.

A ring buffer, on the other hand, is limited in size to a fixed number of data cells Restrictions on Myltiwriter Epson VP Otherwise, the first line will overlap when printing texts on Alarms or sampled data.


Two lock-free, constant-space, multiple- impure -reader, single-writer structures. The whole of screen hard copy from AGPT can not be printed.

Delay unit for a conference audio system, method for delaying audio input signals, computer program and conference audio system. For synchronization purposes, the Done index is compared to the value of the old variable until the two are equal.

Restrictions on Seiko Epson EP Posting multiple reservations with a conditional store atomic operations in a multiprocessing environment. This is disadvantageous, however, as it involves the use of many ring buffers i. It is understood that such apparatus and articles of manufacture also come within the scope of the invention.

Lock-free barrier with dynamic updating of multiwritdr count using a lock-free technique. This data carrier product can be loaded into and run by the data processing system Because the printer is a monochrome printer, set the Print Method to Monochrome. Note that the reader does not need the value of the new variable until the next step, described below with reference to FIG. The trial next reader cell position value may be equal to the old reader variable value plus one all modulo a number of cells in the ring buffer.

This step is shown in FIG.