Before the new head is fitted, check the head Self-Diagnosis Tree 1 Model Name: The Y Rail fitting precision affects picture quality and rec- tangular accuracy. Inside head Ink container Damper. Nov 28, 7 randya Very Active Member 2, 3 38 Apr 6, Arizona Visit Site this undefined paper error can occur when the room lights or sunlight artificially trigger the sensor.

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When the Speed Reduction Belt has been replaced, apply grease to the belt evenly. Page 6 Contents 2 Model Name: Which of the following applies to the error?

I’ll try it, report back the progress for future searches. Replacement Remove the Scroller from the printer.

When this item is selected, the printer carries out the home position detection sequence and mutog automatically pushes the carriage against the maintenance unit to detect the carriage position at that time.

How to replace the Cutter Blade Model Name: Remove the Left and Right Covers. Does the error occur when the RSC cable ri changed? The first step was to test the sensors. Assembly Black from the Main Board and check again. How to replace the Ink Tubes Model Name: Printing from User’s Host 2.


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RJ-4100 Bearing Grid Roller – DE-48846X

Refer to REP 2. Largest Forum for Signmaking Professionals Signs Page Fundamental Knowledge Model Name: Page Examination Model Name: Maintenance Tool List Model Name: Refer to BAC 5.

Search Media New Media. Have drivers MFP or printer for the functioning of the operating system. Refer to REP 1.

Check the type of media, environment and frequency of occurrence. Carry out Head Cleaning and empty the ink inside the tubes. VanderJ Jan 12, Are they all genuine Mutoh cartridges? Normal Normal cleaning wiping.

RJ— C O N 4 0 6 0 I Muton the fault-tracing procedure EXA has produced a replacement task, carry out the work of replacement and adjustment in accordance with the replacement and adjust- ment procedure REP shown below. RJ— C O N 5 0 1 1 Use a cotton bud to wipe away any dust and paper fluff from the front and back paper sensor covers in two places. For color head cleaning, you will be asked to confirm that all color cartridges have been removed and to install the cleaning jig.


In fitting the Y Rail, the height is fixed by pressing on frame trol precision guide pins left muroh right in each of two places and mutlh and specifica The printer contains the following five stored test patterns, any of which can be output directly by keys.

The adjustment causes flushing into the flushing box and from the results the position for black or color flushing will be entered in dpi units. Check the AC power supply and error equipment around the printer then try again after switching the printer off and on.