The case material is the kind that will get scratched under normal use. Right side view large image. It uses OmniPass software to control the functions of the reader. Is the battery is rechargeable or should I be disposed after drying the battery? If gaming is your primary purpose, you should be looking at other notebooks. The fact that Lenovo is going after both segments with this notebook makes sense. Super Pi is a good tool to judge CPU performance.

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Lenovo Wireless Mouse N(blk) | Mice | Lenovo India

There are a few trial versions like Norton and Paint Shop Pro. My only thought on it is more batteries to carry around. The N will be available on March 28th at Lenovo. I would not describe myself as a power user or heavy multi-tasker.

Certified BuyerHyderabad. The power adapter is on the larger side of average. Speakers on a laptop are never going to be a strong point due to their small size. A full CD burn took 6: As the tests indicate, the Core Duo pretty much spanked the Pentium M in all but a few tests with a slower hard drive and a gig less of wideless.


I think, a rupees general mouse is far batter than this mouse. It’s receiver also stopped working.

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Lenovo has covered all the bases in terms of connections. On occasion the drive did get a little noisy. As you can see from the results below, the Core Duo in the N and others is setting a new performance bar for notebook CPU performance.

It saw the network, but failed to connect. Unlike other mice I used, the cover isn’t the bottom but the top wirelesss the one with the lenov Overview Tech Specs Recommended Accessories.

It could remember passwords in Foxfire though it did not require a swipe to logon onto any password protected sites, but I did not delve into wirelesx too deeply.

When I opened the box I found, much to my surprise, the outside is almost all silver with a strip of lenovoo along the sides and on the front. The higher resolution screen will allow you to see more of the screen, which is a nice plus. Why not, this is OS independent.

The battery included with the N is a six cell battery. I was having some problems when I first got it, wireles I uninstalled Norton and it worked better. The drive was very quiet under normal use. Right side view large image.


Lenovo and flipkart need to take responsibility for their product, should pick up the device themselves in such cases and address the issues as soon as possible. Certified BuyerKatihar District.

A fine finish on top surface is there It is working nice on my laptop. Left side view large image.

Overview A simple, reliable mouse with plug-and-play wireless. As I pulled it wierless the box the first time I opened it, I could see scratches through the plastic wrapper which must have been made while it was assembled or packed for shipping.

Aside from the color, I found the shapes and curves to be pleasing.

Lenovo Wireless Mouse N100(blk)

One nice feature of the memory is the fact that both slots are located under the panel on the bottom of the notebook. Used this product for 18 months nd now it’s battery consumption is very high. I bought this item in the last week of June and have been using it since then.