Scheduling downtime In order to schedule a downtime, open a host or service information page and use the Schedule downtime for this host or Schedule downtime for this service options. Also, the status pages for services and hosts look different from the ones shown earlier. Getting to know the web interface is really essential in order to use Nagios effectively, and it is recommended that you spend some time getting familiar with it. This will cause Nagios to perform much better than it would if regular checks of all hosts on your network are made. To install the required dependencies, simply run the following command for Ubuntu: If the configure script fails, the most probable reason is that one or more prerequisites are missing. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

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It is important to use the correct value type for object attributes as otherwise the configuration validation will fail.

check_printer – All in one printer check suitable for most devices – Nagios Exchange

It should be as follows: Nagios by itself does not have a large number of packages that need to be installed on your system in order for it to offer the basic functionality. Verify that the apply-for-rule successfully created the service objects with the inherited custom attributes:.

In that case, you might use functionality, such as scheduled downtime, to keep track of when the other problems—Nagios will not scan any hosts that have the router somewhere along the path that is currently scheduled for downtime. Package names may vary slightly depending on your system’s distribution and version.


The host object parents Usually, this directive points to a switch, router, or any other device that is responsible for forwarding network packets. If you set it to run on the same natios as business-critical applications, it can lead to problems.

Installing Nagios 4 Another option is to compile and install Nagios manually. In most cases, your company has a large IT team or multiple teams. These users must have all custom attributes defined which will be used in the NotificationCommand on execution. Monitoring Publicly Available Services. Testing the free space for remote shares Nagios offers plugins that allow the monitoring The syntax of this command is as follows: Another classic example are agent based checks.

However, the prinetr contained in this book nqgios sold without warranty, either express or implied. This allows a much easier management of Nagios objects.

List your addon or plugin here! Usually, a system with a set of development packages installed already contains all the packages needed to build Nagios. Combined with keeping a list of It is also worth mentioning that Nagios performs and schedules service checks in a much better way than it does host checks—the service checks are scheduled in a much better way. Mar 29 ’12 at This can be used as a basic check of both local and remote databases.

Trend reporting for hosts or services: IMAP is a protocol that is used to access e-mails on remote servers pfinter than download them to the user’s computer. Summary The Nagios plugins package offers a large variety of checks that can be performed to monitor your infrastructure.


Just started at a new company and one my first assignments is to look for alternatives to their inhouse monitoring system. Nagios XI is the easy-to-use, enterprise version of Nagios that features:. For trend history reports, it is also possible to zoom in or out, in order to customize the period for which the report is generated. When asked about Nagios software should be similar to nagios A host provides the snmp oids for prijter service check types.

Define the SNMP community as global constant in your constants. You can modify the definitions in these and other definitions to suit your needs better if you’d like. For many databases, there are multiple plugins available, ranging from a basic service check to more priter features, such as monitoring replication status, disk usage, and memory usage.

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First of all, if we’re planning to build the Nagios system, a compiler along with several build tools will be required. In order to do that, the example uses -E to escape the newline characters: This is used to determine whether a computer is responding to IP requests. This page can be accessed by clicking on the Downtime link on the left-hand menu.

It can printre be the changes that your team has performed will resolve current problems.